The medical consultation and its surprises

The Endocrinologist
2 min readMay 26, 2021

In my training as a doctor I always remember a professor who greeted his patients with familiarity and knew them so much that he asked them about very specific things in their personal life. That had a very positive impact on me and it is something I try to apply when the time allows it.

Today was no exception. I had a consultation with a patient who turned out to be an expert playing an instrument called Tiple, to the point that she had been giving concerts for some time. I could perceive her passion for something that was her hobby at the same time, while advancing in her secular formation, since she was subsequently able to graduate as a lawyer, and now she can’t wait to retire as a lawyer to dedicate herself full time to what she is most passionate about, music.

I wanted to know how that instrument had come into her life, and she told me that when she was a child and lived in a small town, there was a neighbor who played guitar and piano, so she ran away from home to go to the place where those melodies that reached his ears came from. That was the beginning of a long road that she would travel later.

I bring this story because during that medical consultation I realized neighbors, even though they do not seem to influence our lives, the truth is that they have a great influence on us.

I immediately remembered my childhood, to my town, that street where I lived for several years, and I was able to be aware that many of my preferences and hobbies came from that time, from my friends, from my neighbors.

My few skills with the guitar I inherited from my friend Oscar. My inclination towards painting came from my friend Waldir and my neighbor Tiberio.

I learned to play chess because of Mr. Ruiz’s custom of playing it in the afternoons.

I like the reading probably due to seeing how Mr. Rodolfo read daily on the terrace of his house.

Today I have a video game console because of what I shared with Alfonso.

Exercise is part of my life because of the influence of Marlon and Arnold.

Now that it has been a long time since I left my street behind, I realized how much it has contributed to my personality. Let this writing be a simple tribute to them, my neighbors.